Images of Sunshine Coast Trees

Sunshine Coast Trees album
Eumundi Memorial trees
Mooloolaba Trees
Tewantin Trees (including the Burial Tree)
TreeLine - Catchment Collective Artworks at Maroochy Gardens

Information about some significant Sunshine Coast Trees

Mappa Mundi 2.0 and TreeMappa 2.0 - entry points and possible activities
These notes outline processes C & T used when initiating their version of the project Mappa Mundi 2.0 in the UK. The second section includes some ideas about possible activities and ways into the TreeMappa 2.0 project.

Photostory planning template
This kind of template can be useful when planning to make a photostory in programs such as moviemaker or Photostory 3. It can be simplified for different year levels.

Other useful resources and sites

**Digital storytelling**
Start off by looking at the 7 Essential Elements of digital stories, then look around at examples and other useful materials on this site.

Photostory 3 free windows download

**Creative Commons Website**
A great site for using to find Creative Commons music and images. Right click to open in a new window or tab.
Click on where it says: SEARCH at the top of the page to look for images and music. Make sure you keep notes of what the work is called and who created it and credit them in any work you create.
Everystockphoto is another site where you can find free, legal images to use.
**Wikimedia commons**
You can use this site to search for a range of CC licensed media.
**Big Huge Lab - image effects**
This is a great site for using to play around with images, you can use images from flickr or upload your own.
A great site for finding images and videos. You can create an account, then also use it to edit photos and create slideshows
**Audacity sound editing program**
Audacity is a good program to use for editing sound and music. If you use movie maker and you want to only use sections of songs, it's often a good idea to edit them first and then import them into movie maker. Moviemaker does not cope well with lots of sound editing and tends to crash a bit if things get too complicated!
When you download it and open it, click on 'project' then 'import' then browse for the music and import it. I won't go into editing functions, but when you're finished editing.... click on 'file' then export as WAV file or mp3.

Sounds and music

Free loops

Freesound a collaborative data base of creative commons licensed sounds

CCMixter creative commons community remix site

Draft permission form

Schools may have their own forms, otherwise this draft form can be adapted.