1. Stunning new scientific breakthrough

There have been some amazing scientific breakthroughs recently. It appears that the secret stores of knowledge that trees have held within them will now be revealed. A consortium of Australian and international researchers have shared their discovery with trial groups. They are now asking that we in Australia discover and share the stories of our trees.
(Teachers note: here is a webquest link that may be used with students)

Who are you and what can you offer to this mission?

2. Custodians needed

Not just anyone will be able to hear and interpret the stories of the trees. Talented and committed people are needed to become Custodians. Will you be one of them?

To be considered you need to fill in the application form and submit it for consideration.

When you are ready, create your role profile on our TreeMappa Ning space. There you can blog in role and share images, video and music as well.
There is a certain urgency about our project, and some important decisions to be made.

3. What tree have you connected with and what story does it tell?